iOS 8 / iPhone 6 - SOLUTION: Syncing Apps to iPhone is stuck

Written by Alex J Fierro

Some users are reporting issues of "Syncing Apps to iPhone" freezing and apps are not syncing when restoring their new iPhone 6 from a backup of their iPhone 5/5S.

The new iPhone is here and, as always, users are reporting some launch day hiccups. The biggest one I've seen people talking about is a nasty one. You backup your current phone, plug in the new iPhone 6, hit restore from backup and... it hangs after the first app or 2 leaving you hopelessly stuck at "Copying 1/102 Apps".


Huge lines waiting for iPhone 6
Aren't these guys gonna feel silly when they try to sync?

Most of the people reporting this issue are using their lightning cables plugged right into their machines to do the syncing. Some people have tried simply cancelling the sync by clicking the X under devices in iTunes. Unfortunately, this will pop up a window under iTunes that says something to the effect of "Completing Sync" and there it hangs endlessly, forcing you to force quit out of iTunes and try again. But even after trying again, it will still get stuck after 2 or 3 apps. If you have many apps you need to restore, unplugging, force quitting and retrying will take you hours and a lot of patience. Here are the 2 methods people have reported that seem to work.


iPhone 6 Stuck on Syncing Apps
What to do when your iPhone won't sync your apps?


Solution 1: SYNC OVER WI-FI. Simply go into devices and see if "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi" is checked off. If it's not, select it and hit apply. After that, restart iTunes and force quit if you have to. Then connect the computer and your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network and reboot iTunes. (Without your iPhone 6 plugged in via lightning cable!!). Now attempt to sync. It will be slightly slower than directly connecting, but this seems to work OK. It will put all the music, apps and photos onto your new iPhone 6 and you'll be good to go.


Solution 2: DISABLE SYNC OVER WI-FI. If sync over Wi-FI is already checked off, uncheck it and hit Apply. Then restart as in Solution 1. But before you begin syncing by plugging in your lightning cable, turn the phone into Airplane Mode and turn WiFi off. This will make sure it definitely uses the cable and doesn't get confused and hang up. For many people, this little trick seems to work and all the apps will begin being synced.


Are you having sync issues with your iPhone 6? Did one of these little quick fixes work for you? Let me know in the comments below if they did or if you're still having issues with your new 6.