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Can I order an additional domain for my website?

Yes! It's always a great idea to register multiple domains, including misspellings and alternate spellings of your primary domain. Why? Firstly, to catch people who accidentally mistype the domain name. Also this will prevent squatters and competitors from registering similar sounding domains in order to create brand confusion.

For example, we not only own, but we also own and (alternate TLD extensions). We also own domains like (alternate spellings for people who may not know how we spell our brand).

If you're interested in registering a few new domains, not only can we handle the registration, but we can also perform the setup so that it redirects to your primary domain in an SEO friendly way. While some other companies perform similar "redirections" using methods like iframes, we will set up the SEO proper way using HTTP 301 codes ("moved permanently"). To order some new additional domains, sign in to your existing client account and create a support ticket. If the domain names are available, we'll give the costs associated with the registration and setup. (~$20/yr per domain depending on the number of domains to be set up)