What is the Most Expensive Item On Amazon.com?

Written by Alex J. Fierro

The most expensive item on Amazon.com is constantly changing. Is it a $150,000 watch again? Nope. See below to see the new winner for priciest product on Amazon!

Amazon.com has a huge selection of crazy products ranging from your everyday items like books to zany items like personal lubricants by the 55 gallon drum. With such an eclectic mix of products, you're bound to find some strange items. For example, would you like 4lbs of high quality beluga caviar? It can be yours for the low price of $18,773.00. Is $18k not enough to satiate your high-class tastes? How about this 4ct diamond ring for $101,685.00?


Amazon.com Expensive Item: Caviar
Hey, at least they throw in shipping!

But none of these stack up to our current, reigning champion. Here she is folks: this pair of Adidas running sneakers will set you back a cool 886 billion dollars. They are even my size (11) so I added them to my Amazon wishlist. If anyone wants to treat me this Christmas, feel free. Just make sure you get a good line of credit first because these sneaks will bankrupt Bill Gates.. 10 times over.


Screenshot of Reddit Blog Charity post
I hope they take personal check.

I am going to assume that this is simply a glitch and some sort of automated listing program freaked out and put the wrong value in. Or maybe this 3rd party seller simply has a genius business model! If they can sell a single pair, they'll have enough money to basically rule the world. What can they buy with $886,833,152,075.00? At today's price of gas of $3.65 a gallon, they can buy 242,967,986,870 gallons of gas (or enough for ~363,000 olympic sized swimming pools). I'm just upset that even charging 886 billion dollars, they can't even ship for free! The audacity!!