HOW TO FIX: Facebook Lookback - No Share Button

Written by Alex J. Fierro

HOW TO FIX: Facebook Lookback video bug with no share button

Facebook is celebrating their ten year anniversary today and are rolling out a cool new feature. They created a customized video called "Look Back" which gives users a look into their Facebook history. The video is custom for each user showing their most important Facebook moments such as most-liked posts and photos. But there's an odd bug going around in certain browsers!

Chances are you found out about this feature due to your friends sharing the link on your wall. But are you confused? Can you not find the giant green share button? You are not alone! But here is a workaround if you're really stuck:


Facebook Lookback No Share Button
No Share Button on Google Chrome??

If you can't seem to find the share button on your lookback video, try the mobile link here: https://m.facebook.com/lookback/share! If you can't share any other way, this will definitely help you out! It's unclear what is causing the bug, but using the mobile link will work. Many people are reporting this is caused by certain Adblock plugins, but I don't have any installed on Google Chrome and I can see the bug. So, yeah, very confusing. But at least there's a workaround. And if you haven't generated your Lookback video yet, go to Facebook Lookback now and check it out!!