A Sweet Gift from Miriam's Heart

Written by Alex J Fierro


Last year, I partnered with a wonderful charity called Miriam's Heart.

They provide advice and resources for those looking to learn more about the adoption process. On behalf of Sites Done Right, LLC, I teamed up with Jimmy Mancusi to redesign and redevelop the website. Over several weeks, we completely rebuilt the site from the ground up transforming it to provide a better service for their community.


The result was quite dramatic:

Miriam's Heart Before and After


If you're interested at all in the subject or simply want to go check out the great new site, check them out at http://www.miriamsheart.org.

To thank us for the hard work we put into the site overhaul, we received a gift basket filled with cookies today. Special thanks goes out to Elizabeth Occhipinti, overseer of Miriam's Heart.

I also just realized that all it took to write up this blog post was a box of cookies. I'm not sure if that makes me susceptible to bribery or just a fat kid who likes cookies. Perhaps you should send some free goodies to the address in the footer and find out!