Perfect Picture Lighting

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Perfect Picture Lighting is an e-commerce site selling all types of lighting fixtures for artwork and other gallery items. Perfect Picture Lighting is currently powered by order management software called Miva Merchant 5. Miva Merchant is an off-the-shelf solution to e-commerce, but it's generic "best fit" for everybody leaves much to be desired especially in niche websites like Perfect Picture Lighting. One way Miva Merchant attempt to fix this is by using downloadable "modules" made by third party developers. However none existed to fulfill the needs of this picture lighting website.

Sites Done Right created custom Miva Merchant modules using a blend of PHP and a proprietary language called Miva Script to improve the functionality of the Perfect Picture Lighting website.


One of the custom developed Miva Merchant modules programmed for Perfect Picture Lighting handles product searching.

With so many different lights to choose from, a specialized filtering system was created to allow customers to quickly choose what style of lamp they wanted. Each time a filter was chosen (for example, choosing that the finish should be satin brass and the bulb type should be LED), the product list would automatically and instantly reduce in size showing less and less items each time a filter was chosen until eventually the customer would find the perfect lamp for their needs. The searching is done using AJAX calls to a database while maintaining good search engine best practices and optimization.
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