PD Law

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PD Law is a law firm with multiple offices located in the Stamford, CT area. They handle nearly all varieties of cases including services for litigation, administrative proceedings and corporate matters. They pride themselves on being responsive, effective and fair to their clients.

When the lawfirm of Pastore and Dailey needed a complete website solution with a custom made content management system, they hired Sites Done Right.

As a new law firm, they needed a website which would grow with their business.

The custom-made CMS (content management system) that was programmed and designed for PD Law by Sites Done Right includes specialized, easy-to-use pages to handle each of the website's sections.

The result is a extremely full-featured, yet organized site that allows users of all technical skill levels to effectively manage the site. This lets them focus on figuring out solutions their law clients and spend less time figuring out how to set an HTML tag. Each aspect of the site's control panel was crafted for total ease of use.


Content pages, "recent victories", publications and more are suddenly made easy as the system handles all the advanced HTML and image handling. To maintain the consistent brand and aesthetics of the website, banner images of a set width and height are used throughout the site, including on blog posts. To handle this, a special image cropper was created allowing the site's administrators to upload any image they chose to a central "gallery", choose the photo they wanted in each section and then crop it to size. Other features include newsletter signup forms, "e-mail blasting" bulk newsletter sending to aforementioned signups, even a made-to-order stock ticker to allow visitors to check the latest quotes and trading data.
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