Lia Said Yes

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Lia Said Yes is the "wedsite" to celebrate an upcoming wedding. Wedsites are used share the love and excitement of the engagement and wedding with your friends and family. Using Wordpress and a plain Wordpress template, Sites Done Right launched Lia Said Yes in under 4 days. We didn't want to waste time in spreading the good news!

While Sites Done Right used Wordpress to jumpstart Lia Said Yes, there has been a lot of work creating custom Wordpress plugins and Wordpress development to improve a stock template into a full featured website, combining beautiful design with useful features to help in wedding planning.

In addition to the normal photo gallery, special development was added to allow for bulk image uploading via .zip files to allow for photos to be uploaded all at once, directly from the photographer to the site.



Custom Wordpress plugins have also been created by Sites Done Right to handle the wedding RSVP's.

While still using traditional paper RSVP's and invitations, an online counterpart has been set up to complement it. Guests who are savvy enough to handle using the Internet will receive cards inside the invitation with a custom code. The custom code is unique and allows them to log in to Lia Said Yes and respond to the RSVP, choose dinner selections, report allergies, etc. The information is then available for the couple to download and export as a neat, organized Excel spreadsheet. This added customization over a Wordpress blog that still allows for blogging and commenting allows the best of both worlds, the familiarity of Wordpress with the customized development that isn't available in any off-the-shelf solution.