Find The Cameras

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Find the Cameras was Alex's senior project at SUNY Purchase College.

It was created in response to a security measure enacted by campus administrators.  Although on-campus crime was at an all time low, the administrators decided to install hundreds of security cameras all across campus. Find the Cameras was created as a way for students to get together and discuss the security cameras and how they affected student privacy.

As part of the Find the Cameras social networking website, satellite imagery from Google Maps was used in conjunction with their API to allow for students to click on the map and add custom markers to show where the cameras were.

In addition to this, there was also a way to upload pictures of each camera creating a type of "sousveillance" allowing students to monitor the devices installed to monitor them.


The website was an instant success with hundreds of students signing up over its one year run (Much to the shagrin of college security officials). Now that Alex has graduated and moved on from SUNY Purchase College, the project is closed. However the website remains up for research purposes and to demonstrate the web technologies used in its creation including account creation, custom message boards, image management and advanced Google Maps integration.

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